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Lactation and Related Information

A growing body of research continues to affirm the health and wellness benefits of providing human breast milk to babies, including:

  • Stronger immune systems to defend against bacteria and viruses
  • Nutrients designed to enhance brain and physical development
  • Unique opportunities for parent and child bonding

The University of Arizona is committed to the development of lactation spaces that support healthy practices for UA employees and student parents, who are planning a pregnancy, are currently pregnant or who are nursing their babies. Additionally, this commitment promotes related, resources such as campus changing tables and dining area high chairs at the Student Unions (Student Union Memorial Center and Park Student Union). We encourage you to review the pages below for information about lactation and related, family friendly resources.

Click for lactation, breastfeeding and related information, along with LWC services:

Call (520) 621-2493 for more information.

"As a mom, a public health professional, and a proud employee in the Wildcat family, I believe the benefits of breastfeeding are countless. The support from UA Life & Work Connections (LWC) was essential to my success in balancing life, work, and providing breast milk to my young son. If you’re a new parent, be sure to reach out to LWC, their support can make the difference! 
- Kim, UA Employee