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Sick Child and Emergency/Back-Up Care Program

Welcome to the Sick Child and Emergency/Back-Up Care Program at The University of Arizona. The SCP/EBCP in the greater Tucson and Phoenix areas support the diverse, organizational and family needs of our campus community. The program provides temporary caregiver service for children (ages birth to 12 years) of employees eligible for full benefits and enrolled students:

  • Sick Child Program (SCP) serves children who are sick and unable to attend school or well child care.
  • Emergency/Back-Up Care Program (EBCP) serves children when there is an unscheduled interruption in regular school and/or child care arrangements. EBCP cannot be used due to holidays or other planned school closures, nor for the period between the end of summer programming and the beginning of school.

Students, click here to enroll in the SCP/EBCP program

Employees eligible for full benefits, click here to enroll in the SCP/EBCP program.

"I am very grateful for the program. Recently our regular daycare provider had to go out of town and there was no one available that day to watch my daughter... When I called, LWC helped me to enroll quickly and I was able to arrange for a nanny to come to my home within two days! I was relieved to have a vetted professional watch my daughter, and I'm so glad that this program is available if I have another emergency."
- Heather M., UA medical student