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Adapting to Change

  • Identify losses – allow time for grief
  • Identify forces for/against change – people and resources
  • Analyze impact and scope – people and resources
  • Simplify life and practice “letting go” of old ideas and habits
  • Identify improvements resulting from change
  • Spend time with supportive people
    • Develop and maintain “intimate” relationships
    • Set aside quality time
    • Create a “family-like” environment
    • Talk out your problems
    • Stay close to familiar people and places while you adapt
  • Give yourself time to change/allow for discomfort during change process
  • Seek and establish a spiritual connection/sense of belonging
  • Write a mission statement:
    • Personal values
    • Consider gaps between values and current reality/activities
    • Use gaps to identify solutions
    • Develop/implement a plan (who, what, where, when)