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The Arizona Department of Admistration's March 2018 HIP Newsletter.

Walking in Tucson requires that we have an increased awareness of the sun's intensity, and our need for water. And don't forget the feet that carry you! Here are some tips to remember:

In the pursuit of happiness, leaving work at work is an important goal.  In fact, having an enjoyable life outside of work helps us to be more productive and effective.  The following article offers practical tips in how to separate your work life from your home life.

Diabetes used to be a disease that affected only a few people. However, it is on the rise nationally and you may be concerned that you or your family members are at risk for getting diabetes.

Food and drink give our bodies energy to do everyday activities as well as planned physical activities. This energy is measured in calories. The amount of calories we eat or drink help us lose, gain or maintain body weight.

UA Life and Work Connections is in the midst of the third annual walk series, Walks with Campus Leaders. A small crowd of UA students, faculty and Tucson community members gathered in front of Old Main for a nice afternoon stroll through the university’s grounds with President Ann Weaver Hart, the featured leader who led Wednesday’s Walks with Campus Leaders.

A letter from Dr. Harry McDermott explaining the Ebola Virus in the United States.
Walking is one of the simplest, least painful ways to work exercise into your daily routine. It's free, can be done almost anywhere, doesn't require any special equipment or coaching and also can offer an opportunity to socialize.
Summary by Nancy Rogers, MS, RD, and Valerie Sotardi, PhD

The purpose in conducting the 2013 UA Life & Work Connections (LWC) Employee Wellness Interest Survey was to gain feedback on the use of and interest in current programs, and to find out what new services would be of interest to UA employees.

What you will eat, how much, and what kinds of foods you consume are daily decisions you make. UA campus organizations are combining forces to create an easily identifiable way of recognizing nutritious and sustainable foods offered to you from the UA Dining Services.