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With warmer temperatures on the horizon, this is an ideal time to plan for summer care and learning activities, or for district inter-session breaks.

In an ever increasing complex world, children today are exposed to a wide range of small and large scale events involving violence, disasters, terrorism, death and loss. Children are often a witness to, as well as a victim of such events. In observing print and electronic news reports and the reactions of those around them, children can become confused and frightened about the impact such occurrences will have on their lives.

Cornell University has a list of 10 tips for supporting veterans to return to the workplace.

In Arizona 31 percent of children between the ages of 10 and 17 are overweight or obese. In this two-day special report, experts discuss the issue and offer solutions.

As her second-grade students take out their lunches, teacher Leticia Moreno quickly spots two with forbidden food - a burrito and quesadilla made with white flour tortillas

Southern Arizona children are suffering from adult afflictions - and doctors blame it on a troubling surge in childhood obesity.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and the White House Council on Women and Girls are hosting the White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility to discuss the importance of creating workplace practices that allow America’s working men and women to meet the demands of their jobs without sacrificing the needs of their families.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), over 15 million Americans will be diagnosed with depression this year, approximately 5-8% of the adult population. Women are twice as likely to be diagnosed as men, regardless of race or ethnicity characteristics. While there are many triggers to the onset of symptoms, the good news is when depression is treated, 80-90% can return to normal every day activities and feelings.


Whether you come from a coastal town, from the corn fields of Iowa, or are a Sonoran Desert native, you have probably heard the message that you need to be eating more fish -- but why? Fatty fish, including mackerel, trout, sardines, and salmon are all sources high in the polyunsaturated fatty acid, omega-3.

When people think of strength training, an image that often comes to mind is a muscle man lifting dumbbells twice his weight. However, strength training is used by all age groups and genders because of its health benefits.