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This article examines the keys to making to the balance between career, school, and family work.

A study involving more than 40,000 Danish women found that shift work may have an effect on duration of pregnancy and birth weights of babies. Researchers studied women who worked during the day, evenings, nights, and those who worked rotating shifts.

By: Lynne Smiley, PhD

Needs introduction.

The New Dance
By Nan S. Russell

This article discusses creative hints and tips to strech your dollar futher.  It includes ideas on how to strech your dollar on several topics including utility costs, transproation, medical cotsts, grocery bills, childcare, debt management and general resrouces. 

After serving as a chairman on several campuses, I have come to realize that a key part of the job, especially in large departments, is knowing how to deal with illness. In a department of, say, 50 professors and 5 office staff members, a minimum of 3 or 4 people, and some of their close friends and relatives, are going to be seriously ill during any given month.

For scholars of literature, folklore, therapy, and popular culture, Alcoholics Anonymous offers riches: a written and oral genre ("tell me your story," one drunk says to another); highly developed narrative codes (what it was like, what happened, what it's like now); a central text (Alcoholics Anonymous, known as the Big Book); and a recognizable semiotics (the coffee cup, the church meeting room with folding wooden chairs).

A collection of eight tips to help you save money on phone, internet and TV.
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With many of us juggling several spheres of work, home and health simultaneously, most of us need some tools for handing the stress in our lives, but often have very little time to acquire them. The article "Managing Anxiety Without Medication", provided by John Hopkins Health Alerts, provides 9 helpful tips to control your anxiety symptoms.