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It’s your people, not your processes. But you won’t tap employees’ potential if you manage them like machines.

While some folks obsessively check their BlackBerrys in bed and haul their laptops to their kids’ soccer games, there are lots of other people looking for a better way to balance the demands of a high-powered career against a fulfilling family life.

Effective communication is critical for building and maintaining strong couple relationships. Communication includes more than words and grammar. In fact, the emotional layer of communication may be one of the most important for couples. This article reviews basic communication theory and lays the foundation for teaching emotional communication skills to couples

Information and resources you should know about the measles. 

A study from Pennsylvania State University found adolescents who spend more time with their fathers have higher self-esteem and better socail skills. 

School is where we go to learn the lessons, then take the test. However, in the school of life, tests come first and then hopefully we learn the lessons. And we keep repeating the lesson (and test) until we learn it! In a world that is constantly changing, learning is inevitable.