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Calming Your Body

Stress, by definition, puts the human body in a more excited, agitated state.  There are ways, however, to bring the body into a lower, calmer state.


Make yourself breathe slower and a little more deeply.  A handy memory tool is 4-4-4:  Count 4 seconds while breathing in, hold it counting to 4, and count to 4 while breathing out.  Having to mentally focus on the 4-4-4 counts will also help to arrest a runaway mind.

Mindfulness (in-the-moment focus). 

Feeling your feet making contact with the ground, noticing legs contact with the chair, 3 deep breaths, and drinking water.

Grounding Strategies. 

Notice 4 things you see, 4 things you hear, 4 things you smell, 4 things you feel with your senses.  Using the sense of smell with essential oils can also help with grounding the mind and body in the present moment.   


Exercising as a means to reducing stress is helpful because it helps complete the chemical cycle of stress hormones in your body, returning your body to a lower, “normal” state.  Keeping a regular exercise regimen daily and weekly will also help reduce the stress tendency to breathe quickly and shallowly.