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Care Planning

"Plan your work…
then work your plan."

-Margaret Thatcher

Care planning - the act of preparing for care - allows individuals to better anticipate and address elder care and caregiving needs. This can pertain to caregiving resources for others, or yourself.

As an employee or student caregiver, your caregiving experiences are similar, yet uniquely different from other caregivers. Learn about personalized consultation and resource options so that you may “plan your (elder care) work…then work your plan,” in ways significant to you and the person receiving care. These choices can help you to better manage your University and caregiving responsibilities, and time demands.
You may also be exploring caregiving information for adult disabled care resources. Feel free to look at elder care and "older adult” resources for community-based services that may be of interest.
It is important to become familiar with terms often associated with elder care and older adults. Here are three useful starting points with distinct, yet related descriptions.

Employees and students may request an elder care consultation, please contact Eileen Lawless by email or by calling 520-621-9870. Such individuals may also be interested in How to be a Resilient Caregiver manual.