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Childcare Choice – Employee

Valuing Employees and Their Families

The University of Arizona offers reimbursement for qualified, childcare expenses with UofA Childcare Choice.  UofA Childcare Choice - through Life & Work Connections - has two components: an employee program and a student program.

Program Update:

UofA Childcare Choice – Employee has reached its funding limit for the current fiscal year. If additional funding becomes available, our office will continue program approvals through a contact list. For placement on this list, individuals must submit a program application and an enrollment form. Call (520) 621-1530 if there are questions. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to receiving your program submittals.

Program Overview

UofA Childcare Choice Employee Reimbursement Program for Qualified Childcare Expenses (UofA Childcare Choice-Employee) - through Life & Work Connections - helps UofA employees eligible for full benefits to defray costs and customize the setting of qualifying, work-related childcare occurring in Arizona. Approved, employee form submittals allow individuals to receive reimbursement through their paycheck, for qualifying work-related, childcare expenses already incurred.​

UofA Childcare Choice-Employee:

  • is designed to help employees pay for current, qualifying work-related, childcare occurring in Arizona;
  • is available to current UofA employees eligible for full benefits;
  • is an option for such eligible employees, when there is not a responsible adult at home able to care for the children;
  • offers such individuals with program access to enroll;
  • enrollment completion is not a guarantee of reimbursement for current, qualifying childcare expenses already incurred;
  • is contingent upon funding, assessment of need and distribution method;
  • follows a July 1 – June 30 fiscal year calendar;
  • requires enrollment each fiscal year (as applicable);
  • and family tax considerations with other elections, including the University’s Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and tax options (e.g., Internal Revenue Service Child Care Tax Credit), are best discussed with a professional tax advisor, as applicable.

Funding assistance for the entire fiscal year cannot be guaranteed. Once funds are dispersed, a contact list will be maintained.

Additional UofA Childcare Resources

Childcare Referrals

Individuals interested in childcare resources and referrals may request a consultation by email or by calling (520) 621-1530.

Sick Child and Emergency/Back-Up Care Program (SCP/EBCP)

Subsidized by the University and administered by Life & Work Connections, SCP/EBCP is available to current, eligible employees in the greater Tucson and Phoenix areas. SCP/EBCP provides access to temporary caregiver services for qualifying children (birth to 12 years).

Family Resource Map

This interactive, mobile Family Resource Map allows individuals to find lactation spaces, diaper-changing stations (in male and female restrooms), family restrooms, and highchairs on campus.

Childcare Request for Information Taskforce

A Childcare Request for Information Taskforce report is available from Human Resources. A team of faculty, staff and students researched model options and offered findings.

The new Childcare Choice program for employees is FANTASTIC!  I just received my paycheck reimbursement for my kids’ time in their camp. My husband and I both work, and neither job needed to be interrupted. And, my kids had a great time! I am enrolled in the Life & Work Connections’ Sick Child and Emergency/Back-Up Care Program, too. The UofA is already the best employer that I’ve ever had, now there’s a benefit that makes it even better and really helps out.  [It is] less stressful with the support of this great new program. THANK YOU!!!
 -Lisa Higgins, UofA employee