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Establishing Lactation Areas

The University of Arizona and its campus locations statewide feature

a variety of architectural configurations to fulfill its institutional land grant mission in education, administration, athletics, health care, medical education and more.

Designated lactation spaces may vary within these diverse environments. Through a Life & Work Connections partnership with Planning, Design and Construction, access descriptions of University lactation room standards and requirements for new buildings, building expansions and more here, including this section.

Lactation space considerations:

  • Identify physical locations for designated use. Examples: a private office or conference room that can serve as a lactation space.
  • Address privacy and security concerns. Examples: "Vacant" or "occupied" door locks or similar signage. Inform staff, students and visitors about the importance of providing lactation spaces for mothers and their babies.
  • Mothers should confirm in advance whether a breast pump is being provided on-site, or needs to be brought in.
  • If needed, a schedule for reserving a lactation space is useful.
  • Childcare and lactation consultations can help in the development of lactation spaces that support healthy babies, parents, and campus experiences. Call (520) 621-1530 to request a consultation.

Lactation Room Design

An American Institute of Architects lactation room best practices design article is available from its co-contributors or here. It is recommended that lactation and lactation-adaptive rooms be identified with the International Breastfeeding Symbol.