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Lactation Consultations

In partnership with Banner University Medical Center Tucson - Banner Children’s Diamond Children’s Medical Center, UofA Life & Work Connections (LWC) Lactation Services offers free, individualized and voluntary, short-term lactation consultations with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Consultations are available to current employees and enrolled students.

Requesting Services

Banner University Medical Center Tucson lactation consultations include suggested health guidelines and breast pumping instructions. Call (520) 694-0445 for information.

Lactation consultation services are intended to serve as a complementary, work/life resource to your health care provider's recommendations. Please, direct medical inquiries regarding your or your child's health to the appropriate health care provider.

LWC childcare, lactation and flexible work arrangement consultations may include suggested guidelines for selecting early care and education settings, campus lactation space referrals, resources, and more. Call (520) 621-9870 for information.

Lactation Consultant and Interview

Special thanks to former University of Arizona Medical Center lactation consultant, Jean Schwieger, RNC-NIC, IBCLC, current Banner University Medical Center Tucson lactation consultants and to those involved at the medical center for their partnership. The dialogue below between interviewer Caryn Jung, MS, Senior Coordinator, UofA Life & Work Connections (LWC) and Jean has been updated accordingly and continues to be salient in supporting:

  • Healthy practices for young children and families

  • Campus recruitment and retention efforts

Question 1

Caryn: The LWC collaboration with Banner University Medical Center Tucson Lactation Services continues to offer individualized, voluntary, short-term support to current employees and enrolled students. What do you find most rewarding in your role as a lactation consultant?

Jean: I find that UofA faculty, staff and students lead busy lives. Helping them maintain breastfeeding and pumping routines within their complex schedules is an achievement for which we can all be proud.

Question 2

Caryn: This work/life model emphasizes ease of access to lactation assistance, and to complementary work/life programs through LWC. In working with UofA parents, what additional advantages would you suggest regarding interdepartmental support?

Jean: Available 7 days a week for personal consultations, Banner University Medical Center Tucson Lactation Services gives moms the assistance they need to start and maintain their goals for breastfeeding and/or providing breast milk for their child. This supports the childcare, lactation and flexible work arrangement consultations provided by LWC. This is a "win-win" as campus lactation options are highlighted at both points of contact to maximize a family's resources.

Question 3

Caryn: What are common themes for faculty, staff, and students concerning their commitment to provide breast milk for their babies, as they plan their return to campus?

Jean: Time and resources. Banner University Medical Center Tucson Lactation Services is here to help busy mothers develop a plan for pumping management through evidence-based education and resources, and LWC offers work/life assistance for managing school, work, and life responsibilities.

Question 4

Caryn: The University of Arizona is committed to supporting the Affordable Care Act, described at Within this context, what are the continued health benefits you would like to see for babies and their families?

Jean: The Affordable Care Act helps 'back' what we know about 'human milk for human babies,' and its benefits and rewards for individuals and organizations. Education and support are the keys to successful breastfeeding and lactation experiences. Partnering with LWC to promote and increase campus lactation spaces strengthens well-being for babies, families and our campus community.

Please contact Lourdes Rodriguez at 520-621-1530 or at, for more information.