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Lactation and Family Spaces

Breastfeeding Support and Breast Pumps Update

Effective January 1, 2018, wellness services are covered, at no cost, under the Arizona Department of Administration Benefits. This includes breastfeeding support, breast pumps, and certain preventive services.

Access Human Resources’ “2019 Benefits Guide” for information and related links.


The University of Arizona is committed to assisting UofA employee and student parents. Through partnerships with college and department leadership, lactation spaces, changing tables, dining area high chairs and other family-friendly resources have been developed following best practices - in accordance with national, health care laws standards.

We appreciate their dedication to making these initiatives a reality, and in supporting work/life effectiveness with Life & Work Connections.


For mothers

who wish to provide breast milk for their babies, lactation spaces are available throughout UofA main campus and College of Medicine-Phoenix. Lactation spaces are established, equipped (as applicable) and maintained by host colleges and departments.  They are shielded from view, free from intrusion, and meet regulatory location requirements.  Lactation spaces may be permanent or temporary and may be identified as personal health, family, or lactation rooms or spaces.  Lactation spaces are available on a first come, first served basis, Monday-Friday, during business hours and may accommodate more than one user at a time.  These spaces are appropriate for both mothers who are either breastfeeding or expressing breast milk. Individuals are responsible for providing personal breast pumps and accessories. 
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Federal law and University policy require that lactation rooms (including those room designated as “Family Rooms”) be made available when needed by a nursing mother.  Thus, nursing mothers who need to express milk take priority over any other use of this room.

A growing body of research continues to affirm the health and wellness benefits of providing human breast milk to babies, including:

  • Stronger immune systems to defend against bacteria and viruses
  • Nutrients designed to enhance brain and physical development
  • Unique opportunities for parent and child bonding

"As a mom, a public health professional, and a proud employee in the Wildcat family, I believe the benefits of breastfeeding are countless. The support from UofA Life & Work Connections (LWC) was essential to my success in balancing life, work, and providing breast milk to my young son. If you’re a new parent, be sure to reach out to LWC, their support can make the difference! 
- Kim, UofA Employee