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In-Home Childcare

In-home childcare occurring where your child resides is not regulated. In-home childcare is considered the responsibility of parents regarding employer/employee roles. As with care occurring outside of the child’s residence, it is the parents’ responsibility to interview, observe and select an in-home childcare provider best meeting their family’s needs. An in-home provider is sometimes referred to as a “nanny.”
The location (child’s home and private residential setting) and the employer/employee relationship the responsible adult has with the provider, are unique to this type of care. Email or call 621-1530 to schedule a consultation regarding this type of arrangement. Campus departments or firms that may offer in-home childcare referrals and announcements are responsible for managing and maintaining their information.
Individuals may also have state and federal responsibilities as an employer. As such, references and topics are not intended to be inclusive, nor serve as advice concerning such accountabilities. It is the responsibility of employees and students at the University of Arizona to research and determine the full extent of employer and employee obligations; to monitor and verify compliance; and to contact a tax, insurance, legal and other professionals as needed.
Arizona’s Department of Economic Security (DES) can provide employment-related programs and resources, including a link to the New Hire Reporting Center’s Frequently Asked Questions, discussing domestic employees. In addition, the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can provide federal fact sheets, articles, and resources. Consider additional state and federal agency research that may be relevant to your in-home inquiries.
“Au pair” in-home childcare offers distinct, arrangement features. For information regarding descriptions, potential federal (e.g., visa) and state regulations and more, visit the United States Department of State for subject and contact information.