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School Aged Children

Education is a life-long process.

Families and children may begin this journey with early care and education experiences (infant, toddler and preschool ages) in home and center settings.
As children grow, families transition to school years with primary and secondary grades. Schools are organized into elementary (primary), middle and high (secondary) schools. Some families explore home-school options.
Elementary schools can reflect kindergarten (K) - 5th grades. Middle schools are referenced as upper primary or lower secondary schools. Middle school can represent 6th- 8th grades. High (secondary) school grades reflect grades 9 -12. There can be variations with these examples.*
“School Years” provides family and youth resources, tools and information to assist University of Arizona employees and students in navigating educational, childcare and enrichment options during this unique span of children’s growth and learning.
*Adapted from the U.S. Department of Education,