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SCUBP for Employees

To take advantage of this program

you must complete both the UofA Life & Work Connections' Sick and Back-Up Childcare Program (SBUCP) registration and the Trusting Connections, LLC. registration.  Review 2018/2019 SCP/EBCP Program Guidelines thoroughly for eligibility qualifications, and enhancements concerning individual and family information, submittal deadlines, and more.

Enroll Now!

1.  The UofA Life & Work Connections' Employee Sick and Back-Up Childcare E-form

2.  The Trusting Connections, LLC.'s Vendor Registration Form (a link to this form will be emailed at the completion of step 1).

Please note, your Trusting Connections, LLC. expenses will NOT be subsidized unless you have enrolled in the Sick and Back-Up Childcare Program.

Additional Information

Utilizing SBUCP

Once registered, you can immediately begin using the Sick and Back-Up Childcare Program.  To request a caregiver, call Trusting Connections, LLC. at (520) 585-5912.

Greater Tucson and Phoenix Area

The 2019/2020  Sick and Back-Up Childcare Program (SBUCP) is available in both the greater Tucson and Phoenix areas. The University of Arizona contracts with community vendor(s) to provide this service. Trusting Connections, LLC. (TC) serves as the  Sick and Back-Up Childcare Program contracted vendor. References to TC throughout SBUCP information include TC and any of its contracted vendor(s).

Please call Life & Work Connections at (520) 621-1530 for any questions regarding the Sick and Back-Up Childcare Program.