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Types of Childcare

Selecting childcare may be as

straightforward as choosing one program, or it may require a combination of arrangements to accommodate academic, employment, and personal schedules.  Every family has unique expectations and questions regarding care, educational and enrichment options for their children. Preferences can include environmental, philosophical and cultural issues.  From infant and preschool experiences, to the school-age and high school years, the following information is presented to help familiarize you and your family with age-related considerations, available choices, and more.

Environments and Corresponding State of Arizona Agencies

Childcare that occurs outside your home may represent a single, setting selection, or a combination of arrangements to accommodate employment, academic and personal schedules. “In-home childcare” occurs in the child’s family residence and is referenced in a later section.

Standards and ratios vary from state to state. In Arizona, regulated, unregulated and registered childcare programs exist. Multiple, regulatory agencies oversee childcare. More information is here.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security ( DES ) Child Care Administration regulates, monitors and certifies small family childcare homes, and provides childcare assistance for those meeting DES requirements. Learn about DES here.

The Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS) Division of Licensing Services, Office of Child Care Licensing regulates, monitors and licenses childcare facilities, public school childcare programs and regulates, monitors and certifies family childcare group homes. Learn about DHS here.