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Customize a Plan

Care planning helps prepare us and the older adult receiving care, for daily and overall life transitions that often occur as we age. This can include housing, nutritional, shopping, transportation, and health changes.

What are Housing Considerations for Customizing an Elder Care Plan?

There are likely as many housing considerations for customizing an elder care plan, as there are caregivers. Considerations will vary uniquely regarding health status, resources and other circumstances. Here are beginning suggestions.

Conducting Personal Affairs

Outside of select circumstances, it is generally recognized that adults have the right to conduct their own affairs and manage their decisions, include those involving housing and health care. The ability to exercise control over one’s decisions and preferences is often considered a cornerstone of being an adult.
Customizing an elder care plan respects this understanding. It takes into account features, choices and resources that hold significance and purpose for the older adult in your life. Request an Elder Care and Life Cycle Resources consultation to explore individualized options.

Personalized Discussion Examples

Personalized discussion examples may highlight:

  • Local or long distance care

  • Cultural factors

  • Religious or spiritual influences

  • Multi-generational issues

  • Support from others (e.g., family or faith community members)

  • Available resources

  • Co-habitation arrangements

  • University of Arizona employee or student responsibilities

  • Other circumstances

State and Federal Standards

In addition, state and federal standards will also influence considerations when customizing an elder care plan. Request an Elder Care and Life Cycle Resources consultation to discuss further, or if your interest is for another state or other location.

Out of Town Elder Care Respite

Elder care support for professional out of town work can vary from department to department at the University of Arizona. Employee preferences, the health of the older adult relative and more, can influence whether older adults accompany their adult children, or if elder care continues at home during the conference or research period.
Exploring options related to conference or research travel as early as possible, can increase opportunities for positive outcomes. Considerations include:
1.       Ask conference representatives about conference-affiliated care options.
2.      Request an elder care consultation.

Additionally, UA employees and students may be interested in Lotsa Helping Hands as a strategic tool for related planning.