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Supervisors and Managers FAQs

Confidential assistance and consultation

If you are uncertain about how best to help an employee or work group, you can access confidential assistance and consultation with UA Life & Work Connections (LWC) by calling 520-621-2493. Management consultations are provided by Dave Swihart, LPC, Senior Coordinator Employee Assistance.

If you are seeking assistance for a life-threatening situation or emergency, call 911 immediately. 


When should I contact UA Life & Work Connections (LWC)?

When you become aware of a problem or notice a decline or deficiencies in an employee's work performance (such as increased absenteeism or attendance problems), or changes in an employee's appearance or attitude, and you aren't sure how to address the underlying issue or problem. Also, anytime an employee opens up and shares a personal problem with you and you aren't sure how to help, contact LWC for a supervisor consultation. When corrective actions are called for, be sure to work with your organizational consultant in UA Human Resources (HR) or HR at the Arizona Health Sciences Center.

How do I refer an employee to LWC?

Referring an employee to LWC is easy. Just recommend that they call us at 520-621-2493 or refer them to the website at All referrals to LWC are voluntary (i.e., cannot be required), confidential and are no cost to the employee.

What will happen next with the employee?

When an employee contacts LWC an appointment will be made with the appropriate professional in Employee Assistance Service, Employee Wellness, Childcare and Family Resources or Eldercare and Life Cycle Resources, where their concerns will be discussed. The employee will either be assisted by our professional staff or an appropriate referral will be made to an external resource.

How will I know if an employee follows up with a referral to LWC?

Since our services are confidential, you may not know unless the employee chooses to tell you, and that's a personal choice on their part. What is important for you as a supervisor is to track is whether or not the employee is improving in their work performance or conduct.

How do I as a Dept. Head, Director, supervisor or manager contact LWC?

You can contact us through our main number, 520-621-2493 to ask for a management consultation.