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Do You Have a Troubled Employee?

A Supervisory Self-Assessment

The more of the following questions you answer with a "yes", the more likely you are dealing with a troubled employee in your work unit.

  1. Is it easier to cover up for a supervisee than to make an issue of his/her poor job performance?
  2. Do you have a sense of relief when an employee goes on vacation or calls in sick?
  3. Is it easier to do an employee's job duties yourself in order to assure that it gets done correctly?
  4. Do you feel that your employees' personal problems are none of your business even though these personal problems affect how well they perform their job duties?
  5. Do you ever feel that you should intervene in an employee's personal problems but you're afraid the person may no longer like you and you may lose a good employee?
  6. Do you ever ignore an employee's job performance because a low functioning employee may be better than no employee at all?
  7. Do certain employees cause you "after work" worry?
  8. Do certain employees always seem to have bizarre things happen to them that take them away from their job duties?
  9. Have you ever had to defend yourself on whether or not your instructions were clear or specific enough?
  10. Do you ignore the poor performance of an employee because you feel the "system" for dealing with problems is designed to protect the poor performer?
  11. Do you keep discussions of employee performance "off the record" to gain the confidence of the troubled employee?