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Personal Effectiveness

You have a job to do and you work hard. You also have a private life, maybe a family. Sometimes things can get big enough that they spill over from one area into another. It can get complicated and distracting.  When life happens like that, and tension and stress escalate, support is available for you if needed.   

Our Employee Assistance professionals are here to assist you. Bob Cunningham and Tanya Lauer have the skill and experience to effectively support you while you regain your balance.  It is free, voluntary, and confidential within legal limits.  As employees of the University of Arizona ourselves, we leave the “therapy” to the therapists in your community and on your insurance plan, and we are happy to refer you to some of them if desired. 
These pages contain information and resources that we hope will be useful as you browse on your own.  Let us know if you’d like to come talk things over.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling 520-621-2493.