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Stress Management

Whenever changes occur in our lives, there is often stress. 

Stress can come from things we think of as good, such as being excited about a vacation, or an upcoming Wildcat game.  Stress can also come from things we consider bad, a not-so-good review or having to deal with a difficult person. 

Notice that the source of stress is not bound by time; it can come from things we think about in the past, things that are happening now, and things that might or might not happen in the future.
Right away, we can say a few things about stress:

  • We experience stress in the present,

  • Our thought processes are usually involved – and the thoughts themselves are also happening in the present, right now!  We reconstruct memories from the past, we are aware of what’s happening right now, and our minds anticipate what’s going to happen in the future.  But all of that is happening in the present, almost simultaneously with the stress.

Stress management is about managing what we experience in the present, and how we can calm our bodies down.

The menu to the left are links to information about different kinds of stress, and some ways to manage it in a healthy way.  The key to healthy stress management is to genuinely work on it so that it dissipates over time and does not stay in the long term.