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Workplace Concerns

Change is one of the constants in life.  Adjusting to change can be easy or difficult, depending on the magnitude of the change and the perception one has of it.  If a change is coming, some of the following may come to mind:

  • Why is the change being made?
  • Who decided to make the change?
  • How can I adjust?

One of the most challenging parts of change is the uncertainty of the future.  Increasing your own self-care and soothing the natural emotions that accompany change is an important part of staying grounded.   In addition, committing yourself to focusing on the things that are in your control while practicing acceptance of things outside of your control is helpful.  Adopting a mindset that change can equate to growth both organizationally and personally invites you to look forward to the future.

If you are struggling with a change and would like to discuss your options confidentially, Employee Assistance Services staff are ready to listen and help.  Call 520-621-2493 to set up an appointment.