Are You Part of the Club?

An older woman offers a sandwich to a young child at a table. She has dark hair and is smiling.

What is the “sandwich generation”? Are you a member of this club? Dependent care advisor Eileen Lawless, MSW, and senior coordinator for childcare and family resources Lourdes A. Rodríguez, MS, explain the features of this group and help you explore how your family might fit in.

(This is the first of three sessions in the Sandwich Generation Club workshop, which explores the unique difficulties of caring for loved ones of multiple generations at the same time. Consider attending all three presentations to receive the full benefit. Separate registration is required for each. The next presentation, The Challenges for Caregivers, takes place Sept. 15, and the final session, The Caregiver's Survival Manual, will be held Sept. 28.)



Aug 31 - 11:30 am - 12:20 pm

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