Flu Shot Clinics

Get a free flu vaccine on campus, or at a convenient location near home!

Influenza can be a very serious disease. Getting your seasonal flu shot is an easy, effective way to help protect yourself, your family, and your community.

In collaboration with the Arizona Department of Administration Benefits and the Healthwaves corporate wellness team, Life & Work Connections offers free flu shot clinics for University of Arizona employees on campus and around the state each year.

Employee flu shot clinics are open to:

  • Benefits-eligible University employees.
  • Dependents covered by employees' medical plans, including spouses and children age 4 and older.
  • University of Arizona retirees.
  • Other employees of the state of Arizona.

(Flu shots are worth up to 100 Health Impact Program points!)

On-campus flu shot clinics have concluded for this year. We will see you again in 2022!

Person in a blue sweater holding a thermometer and a tissue

To get a flu shot

You can receive your free flu vaccine at a campus employee clinic or at various locations around the state of Arizona. (If you're working from home, consider exploring the off-campus options to help prioritize campus appointments for people currently working on-site!)

Campus clinic times and locations

Employee flu clinics are usually scheduled on the University of Arizona campuses in Tucson and Phoenix between September and October.

Step 1

On-campus flu shot clinics have concluded for this year. We will see you again in 2022!

Step 2

Print out a copy of the Flu Shot Consent Form for each person receiving a shot. (The provider will have extra forms on-site; please expect a delay if you must complete yours when you arrive at the clinic.)

Download Form (PDF)

Step 3

Fill out the form with your alternate employee ID number. (Find your alt employee ID in the University Benefits tile of UAccess, at the top of the Benefits Summary tab.) Bring your form and medical insurance card to the clinic.

Off-campus options

If you're teleworking or can’t find a convenient campus date or location, ADOA hosts other clinics for state employees around Arizona. University employees are also welcome at public flu clinics held by Healthwaves.

(Be sure to bring your Flu Shot Consent Form – filled out with the alternate employee ID number located in the University Benefits tile of UAccess, at the top of the Benefits Summary tab – to ADOA or Healthwaves clinics!)

Did you know?

Because flu shots count as preventive care, you can get a free shot at your doctor’s office or your local participating pharmacy. Locate a participating pharmacy for UnitedHealthcare or BlueCross BlueShield health plans.


Bring your medical insurance card to the visit, and ask the pharmacist to bill your medical carrier instead of your MedImpact pharmacy coverage.

Answering your questions about flu shot clinics

If you are a University employee eligible for full benefits and enrolled in an ADOA medical plan, you’re good to go! This includes postdoctoral research associates who are fully funded by grants.

University of Arizona retirees may also get a free flu shot at one of the clinics organized by Life & Work Connections.

Graduate students who purchase Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona insurance through the University can receive a free shot at a clinic organized by Life & Work Connections. Please let the on-site nurse know that you need to fill out a different form, and have your medical insurance card ready.

Undergraduate and graduate students who are listed as dependents on a parent’s medical insurance may also use the employee clinics – if the parent is a University of Arizona employee. You’ll need your parent’s alternate employee ID number and a copy of your insurance card.

If you are a student at the University of Arizona, but you are not a graduate student with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona insurance, nor a student listed as an employee's dependent, you can receive a flu shot from Campus Health Services. Please check their website for availability and costs.

Dependents covered by your medical insurance, including spouses and children age 4 and older, are eligible for free flu vaccinations at campus and ADOA clinics.

Your dependent will need their own appointment and Flu Shot Consent Form. They should use your alternate employee ID number on the form, and they should use their own information to fill out the rest of the form. They’ll also need to have their health insurance card on hand.

Absolutely! Ask the nurse at the flu shot clinic for a signed form that proves you received your immunization.

If you forget to ask for proof when you receive your shot, please contact Healthwaves at healthwaves@healthwaves.com or 480-968-1886.

If you’re having difficulty breathing, or if you have a cough, a sore throat, or a runny nose, or a fever above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, please stay home!

Call Healthwaves at 480-968-1886 to cancel your appointment, and re-register for an open slot on another day.

University of Arizona employees should not request flu vaccinations from Campus Health Services, which prioritizes student immunizations.

If you are unable to make it to any of the campus employee clinics, please check for a convenient ADOA or Healthwaves date and location, visit your primary care physician, or explore the options at your local pharmacy.