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Layoffs and Non-Renewals

Tips for handling a non-renewal or a layoff:

  • Talk with the important people in your life to let them know what is going on and also how they can best support you;
  • Self-care is critical. Exercise, healthy eating and sufficient sleep are important remedies to deal with stress.
  • Feeling high stress? Limit your vision to just what you can/have to do today;
  • We cannot always be in control of what happens in our lives. In fact, how we handle what happens is the only thing we can control;
  • Do something each day that helps you feel good and be kind to yourself;
  • Maintain a hopeful outlook. Try not to borrow stress from the future by worrying about things that you may not even have to deal with;
  • This may be an opportunity to turn a corner in your life and try something new;
  • If needed, take advantage of the social services available to you.

Feeling anxious, having trouble sleeping, and being unable to enjoy normal activities are experiences some people may have when going through a layoff or non-renewal. Through Employee Assistance Services at Life & Work Connections, you will find a supportive professional who will help you prioritize the issues, find resources, and make a plan, in addition to helping you through the emotional impact you may be experiencing. 

To make an appointment with either Bob Cunningham or Tanya Lauer, please call us at 520-621-2493.