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Mindfulness Apps

Mindfulness practice is an amazing innate ability we can use to improve both emotional and physical wellbeing.  This wellbeing can make us more capable to meet the demands of life and at the same time experience joy in living. There are a variety of websites and apps that teach mindfulness.  Most apps will track your progress and alert you, asking if you would like practice at a specific time each day.  In addition, the apps have a variety of lengths, so you can practice anywhere from three minutes to over an hour.  Below is a small sample of the many no cost apps and websites easily available to you.  Focus on finding one or two that are simple and yet effective for you!


UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center(

This center’s website provides both free guided mindfulness exercises and research to inspire visitors.  The free mindfulness meditations are anywhere from three to 19 minutes in length.  I have found the three minute exercises very helpful when the 2 p.m. slump strikes.  Check out the meditation for sleep!                           

This website is based on the course and book, Mindfulness:  Finding Peace in a Frantic World, developed at Oxford University.  There are several free and professionally recorded meditations.  Check out the chocolate meditation.  A great meditation to remind us of the importance of eating mindfully. 


This app has a large variety of realistic scenes and sounds to enjoy during your mindfulness meditation.  The site is simple to use and well organized.  I particularly enjoyed the soothing voice of the host and the silent clouds scene.

Smiling Mind                                                    

This app is a great option for parents that want to practice mindfulness meditation with their children.  Ages 7 and up can enjoy this app.  The bite size and extended meditations are nice options the user can choose as well.  I enjoyed how easy the app was to use and the guide’s Australian accent. 


(additional programs available for purchase)
This app delightfully encourages users to keep the ideas and practice of mindfulness meditation simple.  The guide also speaks to the research on mindfulness further inspiring to keep going with practice.  This app also offers a store with meditations on a variety of subjects and needs. 

If you have a mindfulness app or website that you use regularly and enjoy, email me at  Your comments are greatly appreciated!  Contact us here at Life & Work Connections at (520) 621-2493 or visit our website at