New to Working From Home With Kids? Experts Offer Tips

March 23, 2020

What for many of us is a stressful new reality in the days of the coronavirus pandemic – working from home while also caring for children – has been the daily norm for the staff of Tucson-based nanny agency Trusting Connections.

Trusting Connections is the University of Arizona Sick and Back-Up Childcare Program vendor. This program allows University employees and students to fulfill their work and class duties with the confidence that their children are cared for by professionals, even in the case of unexpected interruptions of their regular care arrangements.

Rosalind Prather, Trusting Connections’ co-founder and a UArizona alumna herself, shares the company’s 10 top tips to navigating working from home with kids.

Some of her suggestions may sound familiar to attendees of Life & Work Connections’ past Parents at Work seminars: establish routines; do not aim for perfection; get support. During these unique circumstances, these particular recommendations resonate and take special meaning because:

  1. Routines supply two key ingredients needed for learning – relationships and repetition – while providing a sense of security and control. Even if we have to flex our normal routines to accommodate the new reality, creating routines will offer the predictability needed to support your children’s emotional health.
  2. “Perfect parents exist, but they do not have kids yet.” Parenting is a constant learning experience in which the goal should be “good enough,” not perfection. Parents and children, both, learn from daily frustrations and “failures.” If things are less than perfect these days, relax! You will be modeling resiliency to your children.
  3. Drop the “superhero” behaviors. Asking for help is not a weakness, but a sign of strength. Recognizing when to ask for help is a valuable life skill. Allow your children to understand the benefits of helping, both for those providing the help and those looking for help.

We may be secluded at home, but we are not alone. Send your childcare and parenting questions to for more expert help.