Are you considering some new healthy habits? Has your Primary Care Provider advised you to make some lifestyle changes?  Not sure where to start? 

University of Arizona employees eligible for full benefits can take advantage of free personalized nutrition and health coaching.  Coaching topics can range from overall health promotion and disease prevention to managing specific conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or food allergies.   

Call (520) 621-2493 to schedule an appointment

Coaching Information


Available: Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm

Location: In-person and digital appointments available!


Initial Session - 60 minutes

In your initial session you and your health coach will discuss your overall health goals, review your nutrition, and determine a course of action.

Followup Sessions - 30 minutes

Experience customized support as you strive toward you health goals.  Your health coach and you will review your progress and adjust your plan in accordance with your changing needs.