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Telework Forms

Telework Application

Employees and managers address site, scheduling, dependent care, equipment, data management information and more, using the Telework Application form.

Telework Request Worksheet

Managers address the appropriateness of telework to the position and employee, using the Telework Request Worksheet form.

Telework Agreement

Following the approval of a telework request, employees and managers identify timelines, review criteria, work schedules and more, using the Telework Agreement form.

Telework Resources Checklist

Following the approval of a telework request, employees and managers identify equipment and supplies provided and insured by the employee, and equipment and supplies provided and insured by the UA, using the Telework Resources Checklist form.

Telework Office Checklist

Following the approval of a telework request, employees and managers complete an inspection (or agreed upon inspection method) of the worksite to be used for telework, using the Telework Office Checklist form.

Telework Effectiveness Assessment

Following the implementation of a telework arrangement, employees and managers identify concerns, action plans, successes and more, using the Telework Effectiveness Assessment form.

"I attended the 'Introduction to Flexible Work Arrangements' session with my supervisor. It was very helpful in explaining options, concerns and how to develop a good arrangement meeting work and family care obligations. As a result of this workshop, we reached an agreement on my flexible work arrangement schedule! I am glad the UA provides this, and the opportunity to learn more with the presenters I met from Life & Work Connections and Consulting."
-L.E., UA Employee