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Tai Chi Classes

Reduce Stress, Improve Balance

About Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a practice originating from Chinese martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is known for its health benefits, including stress reduction, balance and joint pain improvement. Movements emphasize relaxation and promote meditation. Because Tai Chi supports the mind and body, UA Life & Work Connections Employee Wellness offers the "Tai Chi for Health" program available to UA employees eligible for full benefits.

Our Program:

The Tai Chi for Health program was developed by Dr. Paul Lam, Tai Chi Productions and the Arthritis Foundation. All classes are free.

The Tai Chi for Health 10-week class includes qigong breathing exercise, Tai Chi for Health Warm-up exercises and a step-wise progressive approach to learning the Tai Chi for Health “Sun-style” form developed by Dr. Paul Lam of the Tai Chi for Health Institute.

The Tai Chi for Health Part 2 8-week class is a continuation of the Tai Chi for Health form.  It is not necessary to know the first part of the Tai Chi for Health form in order to learn Part 2.  

Schedule of Classes:

Fall 2018

Tai Chi for Health Part 2
Eight week class: September 12, 19, 26, October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
Wednesdays, 7:00 a.m. to 7:45 a.m.
Location: Life & Work Connections office, 715 N. Park, 2nd floor.
Instructor:  Amber Frame
No registration required, just show up at class on the first day

If you would like to become familiar with the first part of the Tai Chi for Health form, you can view the practice videos on our YouTube channel.

The style of tai chi we will learn is gentle and slow, excellent for promoting relaxation, and appropriate for all abilities. Your regular work clothes are fine for class as long as you are comfortable – a tight skirt is the one clothing item that does not work!  A flat-soled shoe is recommended like a tennis shoe, or a slip-on with a back.  Flip-flops are not recommended.  We will be standing or moving during the entire class.  There are chairs in the classroom if you need to sit at any time during class.  It is important that you take care of yourself and listen to your body.
Tai Chi for Health was developed by Paul Lam, MD.  Dr. Lam is a Tai Chi Master and family physician in Australia.  You can view Part 1 of the form we will be learning on this YouTube video made at one of Dr. Lam’s annual USA Tai Chi Workshops.  The video begins with people congratulating Dr. Lam on the 10thanniversary of the workshop – hang in there to see the form.  Dr. Lam is front and center:  Tai Chi for Health YouTube video

Questions?  Email Cindy Davis at (link sends e-mail)

"This class is one of my favorite parts of the work week now. Thank you for offering Tai Chi for Health--I feel like my stressed-out, not-so-fun "work" self is becoming closer to my energetic, creative "home" self. Even just imagining the movements in my head...brings me to a deeper level of calm."
- UA employe