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Department Screening

Healthy People, Healthy Departments.

About Department Health Screenings

Invite the Life & Work Connections health screening team to your department as often as on an annual basis.  A health screening can be a part of a department healthy initiative or be a staff appreciation opportunity.  The health screening is free for benefits-eligible UA employees; we cannot accommodate student or grad student workers.  Department health screenings are scheduled on Wednesdays.  Set-up requirement is one conference room.  Twelve participants are needed to book a health screening and the half-day schedule (8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) can accommodate as many as 20 people.  The screening process takes 15 minutes per participant and they receive a copy of their results and a brief review with a trained health professional. 

Department Health Screeings Include:

  • Blood Pressure/Pulse
  • Total Cholesterol*
  • HDL ("good cholesterol")*
  • Body composition (weight, body mass index, waist measurement and % body fat)
  • A1c Diabetes test (measures long-term blood sugar)* - available for $10 fee
  • Brief discussion with a trained health professional and referral information for confidential follow-up consultation.

Cholesterol and Hemoglobin A1c testing are done with a finger stick - no fasting required.


Process to Set up a Department Health Screening

  1. Call or email Chad Myler at 520-626-4760 or for available dates.
  2. Reserve conference room in your department.
  3. Review screening information and coordinator responsibilities.
  4. Publicize the health screening in your department.  If you have a small department, you are welcome to invite other departments in your area to your screening.
  5. Manage the employee sign-ups for appointment times.
  6. Send scheduled participants an email reminder the week of the health screening.
  7. Email the appointment schedule to Chad Myler by the Tuesday before the health screening: