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As life offers predictable

milestones— birth, growing up, education, relationships, family, aging — work has its own progression: choosing a career, starting a job, training, developing competence, advancement, and the transition into retirement.

Life & Work Connections provides lifecycle

services to complement the work cycles of UofA employees and students. So wherever you are in the lifecycle—looking for newborn childcare, striving to maintain or improve your physical or emotional health, caring for an aging parent, or trying to create a better balance between your work and personal life—we are committed to supporting you.

The [UA Life & Work Connections Family Resource] map is a clever tool to benchmark best practices in higher education!

- Colleague at a public, American university

"As a mom, a public health professional, and a proud employee in the Wildcat family, I believe the benefits of breastfeeding are countless. The support from UA Life & Work Connections (LWC) was essential to my success in balancing life, work, and providing breast milk to my young son. If you’re a new parent, be sure to reach out to LWC, their support can make the difference!"

- Kim, UofA Employee

The new Childcare Choice program for employees is FANTASTIC!  I just received my paycheck reimbursement for my kids’ time in their camp. My husband and I both work, and neither job needed to be interrupted. And, my kids had a great time! I am enrolled in the Life & Work Connections’ Sick Child and Emergency/Back-Up Care Program, too. The UA is already the best employer that I’ve ever had, now there’s a benefit that makes it even better and really helps out.  [It is] less stressful with the support of this great new program. THANK YOU!!!

- Lisa Higgins, UofA employee