Quit Tobacco

Life & Work Connections wants to support your efforts to stop using tobacco. Find a program that works best for you.

State Employee Tobacco Cessation Program

The Arizona Department of Administration:

Quitting tobacco is tough – don't do it alone. As an employee of the state of Arizona, help is available at no cost to you. ADOA offers the following as part of their medical insurance coverage:

  • Benefits-eligible employees, spouses, and dependents age 18+.
  • The program requires the employee to be enrolled in a state medical plan.
  • All program costs are paid by the State of Arizona for each participant.
  • Members must have a prescription and present it to an in-network pharmacy for the aid to be covered.
  • Pharmacists to help choose the right medication for you; Only FDA-approved aids will be covered.
  • Expert coaches to help you set goals and quit for good.
  • 24/7 support to keep you on track.

Visit the the ADOA website


This site offers quit options and advice for those in contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. Participants who choose this program have these options:

  • Program options, Quit Counselors and texting programs in English and Spanish
  • The ability to create a quit tobacco plan
  • Information on nicotine replacement therapy, medications, and combining other strategies for more effective quit success.
  • 2 apps with 24/7 support
  • Ages 13-17 as well as adults 18+

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Quit & Stay Quit Monday Pima County Health Department

Pima County Health Department offers the following opportunity to individuals who recognize they may have to quit more than once.

  • Free handout and checklist to track progress, struggles, and discover resources that keep a person committed to quitting tobacco. The printout can be used as a personal journal of successes and challenges.
  • This program can be used alone or in conjunction with pharmacotherapy.

Visit Quit & Stay Quit Monday website


The AshLine has been helping people in Arizona quit using tobacco for free since 1995. A quit coach can start you on your tobacco cessation journey, today. After signing up you will be assigned a Quit Coach. The Quit Coach will help you create a customized plan to quit tobacco.

AshLine services are offered to Medicaid beneficiaries, uninsured, and privately insured individuals whose insurer or employer contract with AshLine

Services are tailored to meet specialized populations which includes:

  • Pregnant/postpartum
  • Behavioral health conditions
  • Assistance to quit smokeless tobacco, vape, and e-cigs is also available.
  • Services in English and Spanish

Call 24/7: 1-800-556-6222 to find support for a tobacco-free life or sign-up on their website.

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Quit Tobacco Apps

There are many quit tobacco apps available.  For a quit tobacco app to be useful it must be one you will use. Below is a list of tips and tools to use when looking for an app to help a person quit tobacco successfully.

Must-haves in a quit tobacco app:

  • Preparing or creating a quit plan which includes a quit date
  • Withdrawal symptoms and explanation
  • A place to keep your reasons for quitting nearby
  • How to handle triggers and slips and how to deal with and tracking cravings 
  • A plan to remain smoke-free
  • Medication information as part of the quit plan

Nice-to-haves in a quit tobacco app can include:

  • Monitor improvements in health after quitting
  • Savings from quitting tobacco
  • Daily tips and helpful motivation
  • Easy access to a counselor