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Life and Work Connections connects University of Arizona employees with the resources, education, and support to focus on their total health: physical, mental, emotional, and social. Foster a culture of well-being in your office by including these presentations in a meeting or a department retreat.

A Great Place to Start

These two presentations offer a great refresher for those already familiar with Life and Work Connections and a great introduction to those less familiar with us. 

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Life & Work Connections Overview

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How to Earn up to $200 with HIP

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Available Workshop Topics/Titles

Title Description
Life & Work Connections Overview
Length: 20-30 minutes
Take advantage of the tools and resources provided by Life and Work Connections to enhance your total well-being - at work and at home.
How to Earn to up $200 with the Health Impact Program (HIP)    
Length: 20 minutes
Learn about the State-run Health Impact Program (HIP) – how to navigate and use the portal, and start collecting points for participating in health and wellness activities. Log your steps, see the dentist, get your annual wellness exam and see the points add up. Collect enough and receive up to a $200 incentive.
Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training
Length: 90 or 120 minutes
QPR stands for question, persuade, and refer – three simple steps anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide. Just as people trained in CPR help save thousands of lives each year, people trained in QPR learn to recognize the warning signs of a suicide crisis and to question, persuade, and refer someone to help. Each year, thousands of Americans like you are saying "yes" to saving the life of a friend, colleague, family member, or neighbor.


Title Description Length
How to Earn to up $200 with the Health Impact Program (HIP) Learn about the State-run Health Impact Program (HIP) – how to navigate and use the portal, and start collecting points for participating in health and wellness activities. Log your steps, see the dentist, get your annual wellness exam and see the points add up. Collect enough and receive up to a $200 incentive. 30 minutes
Movement Efficiency in the Workplace This workshop will help participants learn exercises to perform on their own to help increase mobility and gain an understanding of techniques to improve movement efficiencies. 15 minutes

Title Description Length
Loving Your Heart So It Loves You Back Learn the risk factors of heart disease and how early detection through regular health screenings can help to prevent or mitigate disease, including knowing and tracking your essential health numbers: blood pressure and cholesterol. 45 minutes
The Sweet Control to Prevent High Blood Sugar Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable. Learn the risk factors of diabetes and how early detection through regular health screenings can help to prevent or mitigate disease, including knowing and tracking your essential health numbers: blood sugar and weight. 45 minutes
Not Your Parents' High Blood Pressure You can keep your blood pressure in a healthy range! Learn the risk factors of high blood pressure and how to detect it early through regular health screenings, including knowing and tracking your essential health numbers: blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. 45 minutes
Weight is More than Just a Number We'll talk about the best way to maintain a healthy weight: know and track your essential health numbers: weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar, and talk about lifestyle changes that can have a positive impact on your health. 45 minutes
Body Composition Reviews

Maintaining good health is important for all of us, but everyone's journey towards this goal can be different. However, there's no need to go it alone! You can book a Body Composition session for your team to: 

  • Encourage your colleagues to take a proactive approach to their health. During a Body Composition session, participants will establish or monitor four important numbers to understand their current health and predict their future health. By doing so, they can take preventive measures, and those with a family history of health issues can take steps to mitigate the risk. 
  • Promote a culture of valuing and prioritizing the health and well-being of colleagues at work.
  • Provide your team with valuable health information.
    • % body fat mass
    • % body water
    • Basal metabolic rate - the calories needed to maintain life-sustaining functions.

Each participant receives a 10-minute confidential Body Composition session which includes:

  • Body composition analysis 
  • Waist circumference measurement
  • Blood pressure check
  • Brief confidential discussion with a trained health professional
2 Hours


Title Description Length
Social-Emotional Learning at Home Children develop social-emotional skills through interactions with family members, caregivers, and peers. Explore ways to support your child’s social and emotional learning.  15 minutes
Kicking Caregiver Guilt to the Curb When you're balancing caregiving - whether for a child or an adult - and managing your career, it's natural--and normal--to feel guilt at some point. This workshop will share strategies to turn your guilt into positive feelings. This workshop has two options: a 30-minute version (lecture/q&a based) and a 60-minute version that includes hands-on activities. 60 Minutes
Making Connections through Storytelling As we communicate more and more in virtual ways, learn how to connect in a deeper way through storytelling. Understand the benefits of telling stories and take away creative ways to record and share your storytelling moments. 30 minutes

Title Description Length
Improving Time Management Skills Does it feel like there are not enough hours in the day to manage work, school, and home life? Good planning can help you maximize your week and feel accomplished in all your roles. 30 minutes
Managers & Team Success A teams' success depends greatly on the relationship and dynamics between managers and their staff and is often tied to their well-being at work. Assess how you are fostering a culture of wellness for yourself and your staff. 60 minutes
The Power of Play to Transform the Everyday

We've been led to believe that work and play don't mix. But that's not true! Creative play in the workplace adds benefits well beyond just having fun, such as re-energizing creativity, building trust amongst teammates, and establishing a renewed sense of purpose. Take a play break with this workshop and learn how you can add intentional play breaks in your workday. 

This workshop has two options: a 15-minute version (lecture/q&a based) and a 30-minute version that includes hands-on activities.)

 30 minutes
Redefining Productivity in the Workplace Learn how to adapt to the flow of work and life by redefining productivity and what it means to be resilient in the workplace. 30 minutes
Getting Started with LinkedIn Learning & EDGE

Are you wondering how to promote professional development for your full benefits-eligible employees? Learn more about how to activate a LinkedIn Learning account through EDGE Learning, along with ways to search for content to focus on professional or personal development throughout the year!  

While the standard time length of the presentation is 30 minutes, the presentation can be individually customized for each group to be anywhere from 10-90 minutes, depending on the needs and learning outcomes of the group.  

30 minutes


Title Description Length
Getting a head start: A step-by-step overview of your plan A guide to the ins and outs of the plans offered at your institution, the advantages of a retirement plan, creating a retirement strategy, and how to update your account with TIAA. 15-30 minutes
Start to Finish: The Early Career Woman's Guide to Financial Wisdom Learning how to balance income and expenses, identify key costs and manage to spend more effectively; how saving a little now may help your balance add up later; and how to make a plan for your financial future.  Presented by TIAA. 30-60 minutes
Understanding the Basics of Social Security Social Security may be an important income source for retirement. Learn about key Social Security claiming ages and how your benefit is calculated, so you can better understand the choices. Presented by Fidelity Investments. 30-60 minutes
Understanding Your Debt So You Can Take Control Would you like to get a handle on your debt, once and for all? Discover real strategies to help you prioritize what to payoff first and tips for managing your spending. Presented by Fidelity Investments. 30-60 minutes
Take Control Of Your Financial Life: Steps To Managing Money And Debt Improving day-to-day financial skills, including learning how to manage money and balance priorities to help enjoy life and save for the future. Presented by TIAA. 30-60 minutes
Charting Your Course: A Financial Guide For Women  Developing basic retirement saving skills, how to create a retirement saving plan, evaluating your financial health and setting goals, and how to help make your money work harder. Presented by TIAA. 30-60 minutes
Make The Move Toward Long-Term Financial Security: Your Midcareer Retirement Check-In Knowing the keys to successful money management, how to juggle competing financial demands and retirement saving strategies for lifelong financial security.  Presented by TIAA. 30-60 minutes
Attention To Detail: Financial Finishing Touches For Women Staying in control of wealth, financial planning investment and asset allocation strategies, and asking a potential financial advisor the right questions. Presented by TIAA. 30-60 minutes
Invest For Success: 5 Principles You Need To Know Understanding the key principles of investing for retirement, from compounding to taxes to choosing investments, including learning that how you invest for retirement is just as important as how much you save. Presented by TIAA. 30-60 minutes
Why a Savings Plan Should Be Important to You We’re all trying to save for something—like an emergency, car, home, or retirement. Learn how to create a plan so you can optimize your saving and investing to help you reach them. Presented by Fidelity Investments. 30-60 minutes
Fine-Tune Your Retirement Strategy: Investing Toward A Secure Future Moving beyond investing basics to help fine-tune saving and investing strategies for retirement and build a more secure future. Presented by TIAA. 30-60 minutes
Write Your Next Chapter: 5 Steps To Setting Your Retirement Date Deciding when the time is right to retire, including estimating retirement expenses, closing any income gap and understanding key milestones that can impact retirement finances. Presented by TIAA. 30-60 minutes
How to Plan for the Income You’ll Need in Retirement Workshop Description: How do your financial resources turn into income in retirement? It starts with a plan. Learn how to create a retirement income plan and explore the risks that can impact it. Presented by Fidelity Investments. 30-60 minutes
Live With Confidence In Retirement: 5 Steps To Creating Your Retirement Income Plan Understanding how to create an income plan that helps maximize savings throughout retirement, including how different sources of income work, how to build your strategy for lifetime income and what to consider when planning withdrawals from retirement assets. Presented by TIAA. 30-60 minutes


Title Description
Stress Management: Making it Work for You  
Length: 45 minutes
Explore ways to take stress management from a generalized term to something that works specifically for you.
Rethinking How We View Self-Care  
Length: 45 minutes
Learn the misconceptions regarding self-care and how we can successfully integrate it into our lives.
Helpful Anchors To Navigate Compassion Fatigue
Length: 60 minutes
Helping and supporting others can be a wonderful experience that can pour into us on a daily basis. However, sometimes helping can pull on us in a way to we become beyond drained or burnout, leading to compassion fatigue. In this workshop, we take a closer look at compassion fatigue how implementing some anchors may help us regain balance.
Understanding the Rollercoaster of Anxiety at Work
Length: 60 minutes
Anxiety is a common emotion that we may experience every day. The impact it has on our day-to-day lives varies, and so does our response. In this workshop, we’ll break down the ups & downs of anxiety and how to better understand it to act. With a better understanding of it, we can take positive steps to manage it and minimize its impact on our lives.

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Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Request Time Frames: We ask that presentation requests be made as soon as possible, ideally, with 30-days’ notice. Requests made outside of this time frame will be accommodated as staffing allows. 

Length: Our presentations vary in length from 15 - 60 minutes. Please indicate if you have a preferred presentation length.

Anticipated Attendance: Our goal is to provide engaging, informative, and activity-driven presentations. Please estimate attendance so we can prepare the best presentation depending on the size of your group. 

Modality: Please indicate your desired format (digital (live online), in-person, on-demand, TBD), and if in-person include your building and room number under “location” in the request form. On-demand refers to recorded presentations. 

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