Health Impact Program

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The Health Impact Program (HIP) is an award-winning well-being program designed to help you make small, everyday changes to experience better health. All benefits-eligible employees can participate in the HIP program. This tool is provided and managed by the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA)

Utilize this free benefit to:

  • Focus on areas you want to improve the most.
  • Build healthy habits.
  • Support and track your health and activity goals.
  • Earn up to $200 annual cash incentive.

Areas you can focus on:

  • ​​​​​Eating Healthy
  • Getting Active
  • Sleeping Well
  • Reducing Stress
  • Being Productive
  • Building Relationships
  • Learning New Things
  • Managing My Finances
  • Contributing to My Community

“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”

— Tom Stoppard, playwright

Step 1: Sign up

Register for the HIP program through a third-party vendor: Virgin Pulse When registering for the program using the Virgin Pulse app, the Sponsor name is State of Arizona.

You will need your Alternate Employee ID to register in Virgin Pulse. Find Your Alternate Employee ID in the University Benefits tile of UAccess, at the top of the Benefits Summary tab. 

Get Your Alternate Employee ID  

For detailed information on registering, earning points, and claiming your payout visit the ADOA website.


Step 2: Earn

Earn points by seeing your health care provider for your annual exams and screenings, and participating in Life & Work Connections worksite wellness offerings.

While you engage in health activities and wellness screenings, you earn points.  No matter how far your health journey takes you, you can earn a reward:

  • $25 at 25,000 points
  • an additional $75 at 35,000 points
  • $100 more at 50,000 points

Hit every level and you could earn up to $200 for the year.

Step 3: Record

After registering, sign in and regularly document your wellness activities. 

You can also download the mobile app and earn bonus points for engaging with the program daily. 

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When registering for the program using the Virgin Pulse app, the Sponsor name is State of Arizona.

Points & Rewards

Get rewarded for the healthy things you do. The more you do, the more points you earn, and the more you get rewarded.

Examples of Ways to Earn Points

active sneaker

Do healthy things Frequency Earn Points
Complete registration Once 1,000
Upload steps from your activity tracker (FitBit, Apple Watch, etc) Daily 10
Blood Donation Quarterly 500
Annual Mini-Health Check (via Life & Work Connections) Yearly 1,000

What You Can Earn Each Year

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Level Points Rewards
1 7,000 $0
2 25,000 $25
3 35,000 $75
4 50,000 $100
Annual Incentive Total: $200

When you successfully complete the requirements, the payout will be included in your paycheck in January of the year after the program year ends. Subject to federal and state taxes

Have questions about HIP?

Get Technical Support

Contact the program vendor, Virgin Pulse, for robust support on navigating and using the HIP website.

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How to Earn up to $200 with the Health Impact Program (HIP)

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