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What is a care plan text on a blue background

What is a Care Plan?

Dependent Care Specialist Eileen Lawless, MSW talks about what a care plan is and why it's so essential for everyone - no matter their age - to have one.

6Ds when to review or update your care plan

The 6Ds: Milestones to Update Your Care Plan

Dependent Care Specialist Eileen Lawless, MSW, talks about the 6 (and more) times when you might need to review and/or update your care plan.

Low Angle View Of Woman Climbing On Cliff

The Climb: from Caregiver to Patient

From caregiver to patient, Cynthia Thomson, professor, Health Promotion Sciences finds joy during desert hikes.

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a woman talking with a doctor above the text: Choosing Care

Choosing Care

When you need medical attention, knowing where to go for health care can help you save time — and help assure you'll get the care you need. You may choose care from your primary care provider (PCP), a virtual visit (or telehealth), urgent care or emergency room, depending on your situation. 

insurance word written on wood block. insurance text on table

Types of Insurance

Most people understand the basics of insurance (auto, health, or home insurance). Other types of insurance that may help you protect your financial health, including disability, life, and long-term care.

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Confidence-Building Strategies for Work and Life

Whether professionally, at home, or for a volunteer project, we all struggle sometimes to find the confidence we need. In this course, confidence and motivation expert Kirsty Hulse teaches practical skills to increase confidence, overcome self-doubt, and showcase your strengths.

Learning to Say No with Confidence and Grace

Turning down requests at work can be tough. If you're a high performer who serves as a resource for other teams, it can even feel like a small failure. But saying no is actually a critical skill that all professionals must master in order to prevent burnout and honor their own needs. In this course, learn how to gracefully decline requests without negatively impacting your career or relationships.

Uncovering Your Authentic Self at Work

Despite decades of diversity and inclusion efforts, people sometimes feel forced to choose between being included and being themselves. Join Kenji Yoshino, renowned NYU Law professor and director of the Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, to learn about covering, a strategy that people may use to downplay a stigmatized identity and blend into the mainstream