Parenting and Childcare Consultations

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These consultations are designed to empower you as a parent to make important choices about the care of your children and to be confident doing it! We will provide resources and direct your research.  

Parenting Consultations

During this consultation, we will identify and develop appropriate parenting techniques consistent with your family's needs, values, and expectations to support your children's growth and development.

What to Expect

We will share tools and strategies to help alleviate or solve behavioral issues. We will guide you to additional resources and can provide any necessary referrals.


Childcare Consultations

Childcare consultations are a shared educational opportunity to discuss thoughtful issues and responsive strategies for identifying, assessing, and selecting childcare and enrichment experiences.

What to Expect

You'll share your priorities regarding childcare, then explore the types of childcare settings, licenses, good practices, and search tools available. Walk away with a plan and a list of tips on what to look for during a childcare search.

Appointment Options

Schedule: Monday–Friday 8:00 AM–4:00 PM
Delivery: Virtual & In-person options 
Length: 45 & 60 minutes

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