Caregiving for Adults & Elders

Adult & Elder Caregiving

Caregivers for adults and elders often wear many hats and provide care that encompasses a broad range of responsibilities. The people we care for can be our parents, grandparents, sibling, adult children, or community members.  Caregiving responsibilities could anything from social and emotional support to taking care of day-to-day responsibilities and medical care.

No matter the level of complexity, the type of care offered, or whether you’re caring for someone nearby or remotely, your caring role is important and you are not alone

Examples of Caregiving Support

Day-to-Day Support

  • Light housekeeping
  • ​Transportation
  • ​Grocery shopping
  • Meal planning, and preparation
  • Daily connection from another city or state

Physical Assistance and Support

  • Help with bathing and dressing, personal hygiene
  • Monitoring people with mobility problems
  • Transfer assistance
  • Mental and physical activities
  • Coordinating in-home assistance

Health & Wellness

  • Medication reminders
  • Redirection and behavioral management
  • Blood pressure and insulin checks
  • Emotional support and companionship, in-person, virtually, or by phone

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How Can Life & Work Connections Help?

Taking care of another adult can take its toll emotionally, physically, and financially. Life and Work Connections can help caregivers define their caregiving situation, provide information about services and resources available in the community and the state, and then help them determine the next steps.  

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Adult & Elder Care Consultations

Consultations include a comprehensive review of your loved one's needs and a customized care plan.

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Employee Assistance Counseling

Free, confidential short-term counseling for benefits-eligible employees, their dependents, and members of their households.

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Legal Resources

Get access to a full staff of legal experts, unlimited phone consultations, and more.

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Financial Wellness

Get access to financial specialists and advisors who can offer unlimited, objective guidance.

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