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To apply, review the Program Guidelines and complete an Enrollment Verification Form.




Program Guidelines

Learn what qualifies as work-related childcare expenses, what you need to apply, and how to receive reimbursement.

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Enrollment Verification Form

Completed by your provider, you must submit an Enrollment Verification Form with your application. This verifies your child’s enrollment in childcare.

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Cost Form

Once enrolled, complete and submit the Cost Form following calendar deadlines. This form verifies your childcare payment over a specific period.

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Reimbursement Calendar

Monthly and quarterly Cost Form submittal deadlines and applicable pay periods for reimbursement.

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Answering your questions about Childcare Choice – Employee

The Childcare Choice-Employee program offers up to $2,000 in childcare reimbursement per fiscal year per household. The childcare you claim must occur in Arizona, and it must be work-related (i.e. Needed to allow you and/or other usual caregivers to attend work). To participate, you must be eligible for full UA benefits.

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You will receive an email indicating when the maximum program reimbursement amount has been reached. 

If your application is approved mid-fiscal year, you will have a one-time opportunity to claim any qualifying childcare expenses from the beginning of the quarter in which your were waitlisted. You must submit your claim before the deadline of the after approval first paycheck.

Please refer to the Reimbursement Calendar to see submittal deadlines.

An Enrollment Verification Form is needed for each additional child or provider. Email the new completed Enrollment Verification Form to for processing. 

No. A child’s birthdate and Enrollment Verification Form are both needed to apply for this program.

Childcare Choice reimbursements are given per household. Reimbursements do not vary based on the number of children within the household.