Relocation Services

Moving comes with a lot of details, and often no shortage of stress. To help with these transitions, Life & Work Connections provides University of Arizona benefits-eligible employees access to ComPsych FamilySource® Relocation and Above & Beyond Relocation Services.

ComPsych Relocation

ComPsych Relocation Specialists will provide customized transition support, including:

Housing Information

  • Apartment and rental searches based on specific criteria
  • Neighborhood profiles and community resources packets
  • HelpSheets that include moving checklists, considerations when hiring a moving company, tenants’ rights, and more.  

Logistical Support

  • Pre-screened referrals to moving companies
  • Pre-screened referrals to local repair services



To get connected directly to a relocation specialist, call: 877-327-2362

This service is available to all benefit-eligible University of Arizona employees.
Using ComPsych services is completely confidential, offered in multiple languages, and offers 24/7 access to support, resources & information.

Above & Beyond Relocation Services

Above & Beyond Relocation Services, LCC provides free relocation assistance and information to University of Arizona employees and new hires. Services include real estate and rental referrals, school information and resources for children, and referral to business professional services. This service is ideal for those looking for a real estate agent.


Additional Resources for Employees

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Financial Wellness

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