Financial Wellness

Financial challenges come and go but one thing remains certain: they can be stressful! But they don't have to be. Whether you’re planning for the future or need help solving an immediate problem, it helps to get help.

Meet with a Financial Specialist

ComPsych FinancialConnect®

ComPsych FinancialConnect provides access to an in-house team of financial specialists who can offer unlimited, objective financial guidance on a broad range of issues including debt management, family budgeting, estate planning, and tax planning.



To get connected directly to a financial specialist, call 877-327-2362 (TTY: 800-697-0353) anytime 24/7.

This service is available to all benefit-eligible University of Arizona employees.
Using ComPsych services is completely confidential, offered in multiple languages, and offers 24/7 access to support, resources & information.

Meet with a Financial Planner

Meet with a certified financial planner from Fidelity Investments or TIAA to review your financial situation, plan for future financial needs, and determine if you are on track for retirement. You may schedule complimentary appointments with either of the two ABOR-approved investment providers whether or not have an account with them

Schedule an appointment
Call: 800-343-0860

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Call: 800-732-8353

Donn Fitch

Julie Flores

The Savi Student Debt Solution

Do you have student debt? A new employee benefit can help you work through federal repayment plans and loan forgiveness programs.  The new benefit, called the Savi student debt solution, is offered by TIAA*, one of the University of Arizona’s investment and financial planning providers.

How to use Savi

Visit and follow the prompts. You will need:

  • Estimated or known monthly payments
  • Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from most recently filed federal taxes

Once you create your account, you may choose one of Savi’s two tiers of service:

  • DIY (Free): Quickly see your unique repayment plan options and potential savings upon entering your personal information. Complete, print, and send your own paperwork.
  • Essential ($60/year): Track payments toward forgiveness and get convenient e-filing, one-on-one assistance, reminders, and more.

On-Demand Video

Create a Budget, Ditch Your Debt, and Build for the Future: Practical strategies to manage spending and debt.
Approx. Time: 28 minutes
Presenting Partner: Fidelity Investments

Watch Video

Turn Your Savings Into Retirement Income:
Ways to save for retirement and to keep your assets growing.
Approx. Time: 20 minutes
Presenting Partner: Fidelity Investments

Watch Video

Basics of When and How To Claim Social Security: How social security works and considerations before claiming.
Approx. Time: 25 minutes
Presenting Partner: Fidelity Investments

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Upcoming Financial Wellness Events

A younger man and an older man outside drinking coffee

Oct 21

12:00 pm - 12:40 pm

“It’s Time to Talk”: Quality of Life and Caregiving

This series’ first presentation provides an introductory review of ideas, approaches, and resources for caregiving conversations Register Here
A man standing at the front of a classroom.

Nov 3

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

The Tax (and Personal) Benefits of Charitable Giving

Learn more about other tax-effective ways to give. Read more
TIAA logo.

Dec 1

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Saving for your ideal retirement

Learn about retirement saving and planning and the essential features of retirement investments Read more

Additional Resources for Employees

Legal Resources

Get access to a full staff of legal experts, unlimited phone consultations, and more.

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Employee Assistance Counseling

Free, confidential short-term counseling is available to all benefits-eligible employees, their dependents, and members of their households.

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Relocation Research & Support

Get access to specialists who will conduct research and provide pre-screened referrals.

Find Relocation Support