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Health Impact Program

Health Impact Program (HIP) 2019

The Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) Benefits Options Wellness Health Impact Program (HIP) will begin on January 7, 2019.  UA Life & Work Connections will continue to offer wellness activities that fulfill the requirements of the Health Impact Program.  Information about the 2019 HIP program is available at
In order to enroll in the 2019 HIP program, you will need your “Alternate Employee ID”.  This screen shot of the Benefits Summary page on UAccess shows where to find your Alternate Employee ID.

Once you are enrolled in the HIP program, consider signing up for a Metabolic Syndrome Screening in order to “know your numbers” to complete the HIP health assessment for 150 points!

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Who can you talk to if you have questions?
Chad Myler, MS, CHES®, ACSM-CPT
Senior Coordinator, Employee Wellness and Health Promotion 
Office: 520.626.4760