Move Arizona

C'mon, let's move!

Move Arizona is a workplace movement initiative led by Life & Work Connections. The program spans eight weeks each spring. The goal? Encouraging University of Arizona employees to build the healthy habit of meeting those 150 minutes of movement.

Did you know that regular physical activity can reduce your risk of a number of chronic health conditions, including depression, diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers? It even helps you sleep better.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that American adults spend 150–300 minutes each week performing moderate physical activity, such as brisk walking, dancing, hiking, practicing yoga, riding a bike, or even scrubbing a bathtub.

Few lifestyle choices have as much impact on your health – so c’mon, University of Arizona, let’s move!

Two women jumping in the air with a blue sky behind them

How to participate

Eager to get moving? Then it’s time to join (or form!) a Move Arizona team.

Teams have two to 10 members, and each team is led by a captain. 

Responsibilities of team captains

Captains serve as team organizers and motivators. If you choose to serve as Move Arizona team captain, you’ll be asked to:

  • Attend a short orientation meeting
  • Guide your team in selecting a name
  • Gather team members’ contact info
  • Register your team
  • Remind team members to log their minutes
  • Encourage everyone to keep moving!

Ready to lead?

Sign-ups for 2022 captains are open!

For captains

Thank you for leading the charge of UArizona movers and shakers!

You’ll receive your orientation invitation and registration instructions via email, so be sure you sign up to serve. Then stay tuned as the program ramps up in the spring semester. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Step 1

Attend orientation.

It’s a quick half-hour meeting. The video will be posted later, if you can't make the date. (Watch your inbox for an invitation!)

Step 2

Register your team.

Detailed instructions will be emailed to you after registration opens. (Start collecting names, email address, and departments!)

Step 3

Motivate your teammates.

Consider scheduling movement breaks or walking meetings. Get set to cheer on their good work. (Don’t forget to track your own minutes!)

Registration has closed.

Get a jump start on plans for spring 2022!

For team members

By signing up for Move Arizona, you’re “making moves” (pun intended!) toward a healthier, happier future. So check in with your team captain, dig out your comfiest workout clothes, and get ready to start logging your minutes.

Step 1

Talk to your captain.

Your captain needs your email address and department name to register you. (Send them your best team name suggestion, too!)

Step 2

Get movin’!

You only need 2 1/2 hours of movement per week to make a big difference. That’s less than 30 minutes a day. (Take time for a dance break!)

Step 3

Track your movement.

Enter the number of minutes you walked, danced, etc., into the Qualtrics tracker. (Be sure to log your time each day!)

Instructions for logging your minutes

You’ll log your minutes of movement into the Move Arizona Tracker form hosted on Qualtrics.

First, you’ll add your first and last names in the appropriate fields. Then you’ll click on the drop-down menu and find the name of your team. (Team names are listed in alphabetical order!)

Next, type in your email address carefully, making sure to use the one you gave your captain for registration. Select your primary University of Arizona affiliation. If you choose “employee,” a field will appear for you to add your NetID.

Once you’ve entered your identifying information, it’s time to enter your minutes! Click the date in the calendar for which you wish to add your minutes of moment. Then type the length of time that you moved into the Minutes of Physical Activity field. Finally, click the red arrow at the bottom of the page to submit your entry for that day.

If you want to add minutes for another day, you can refresh the page to restart the form.