Save Time & Stress with New Relocation Services

Oct. 24, 2022


It's easy to underestimate the amount of time, research and planning it takes to relocate, especially to a different city or state. Not only do you have to arrange for the move itself – like getting enough packing supplies or securing a moving company – you must have a place to move into when you reach your destination. Fortunately, Life & Work Connections provides benefits-eligible University employees free access to relocation experts to help through its new partnership with ComPsych, a global provider of employee assistance programs.

"The home environment is so important to our overall health and well-being," said Josephine Corder, director of Life & Work Connections. "Access to these resources helps employees find exactly what they need to support that."

Benefit-eligible employees can receive free unlimited support, resources and referrals from a staff of research experts through ComPsych FamilySource relocation services.

"Preparing to relocate is extremely time-consuming," said Shari Gunaka, director of work-life services at ComPsych. "With so many small details, our experts can save you time and stress by managing all that on your behalf."  

Their experts can help with renting, home-buying, realtors, neighborhood profiles, locating moving companies, pet or car transport, storage facilities, packing supplies and even grants for teachers, military, and first-time home buyers.

"Our staff consists of professional researchers who know where to begin in the research process into your relocation needs; they know the sites, and how to ask the questions because that's what they do," Gunaka says. "All of our research starts with each individual request because there are many different details to consider and happens in real-time so we're always looking at the most up-to-date information."

After completing the research, the client receives a resource packet, which includes referrals that meet all the client's requirements, a list of addresses, property descriptions, screenshots of photos, a plotted map and community features. The packet also includes help sheets on topics including how to prepare your children for a move, how to pack or renters' rights.

The client receives the packet via email or overnight mail.

"The biggest benefit of this service is the time and stress saved," Gunaka said. "You can get all the answers you need without having to do anything except answer a few questions."

If you're preparing for a relocation, utilize the tools and resources available to help you save time and stress and get the information you need. You can learn about these resources at the Life and Work Connections website.