5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mood

Feb. 2, 2023
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Rough day, huh? Maybe it’s the gloomy weather or some disappointing news that has you down. Or perhaps it’s a disagreement with a family member or work colleague. Whatever has you feeling blue, there are at least five no-fail ways to brighten your day—and they don’t take much effort:

1. Give a little something back.
You might not feel your best right now, but it’s been proven that moods can improve with random acts of kindness: helping someone with a chore, presenting a friend with a small gift or writing that note of appreciation you’ve been meaning to send.

2. Get moving.
Whether it’s peddling around the neighborhood on your mountain bike, swimming a few laps at the local pool or training all-out for a marathon, exercising improves your physical and mental well-being.

3. Remove that frown.
Even if you’re faking it, a smile can improve your mood, confidence and the way others see you.

4. Stay positive.
Instead of dwelling on what’s wrong, or what you feel is wrong, get into the habit of positive self-talk. Remember, the way you think affects the way you feel.

5. Give yourself some credit.
Just because you’re having a tough day or you’ve run into a string of bad luck doesn’t mean it has always been that way. List your achievements on a piece of paper, then take some time to be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Talk to someone. 
The best option when all else fails? Talk to someone. Whether it’s a partner, friend, relative or professional counselor, contact with other people gives you a chance to talk through what’s bothering you and lighten your mood.

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