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Walk Across Arizona

Walk Across Arizona (WAAZ) is a program sponsored by UA Cooperative Extension and UA Life & Work Connections. This 8 week program is a way to build a healthy habit of including physical activity in your day. Form a team and walk with faculty, appointed professionals, staff, students, friends, or family. Past participants have commented that the program resulted in community-building in their departments, weight loss, better fitness, and fun!  

Key Dates

February 04, 2019 through March 29, 2019

Log Your WAAZ Miles!

April 17, 2019
Walk Across Arizona Finale
*More information coming soon!

For more information, contact:

Cindy Davis, MPH, RDN
Employee Wellness and Health Promotion Nutrition/Fitness Coach
UA Life & Work Connections
The University of Arizona
Office: 520.621.4601 

Exercise to Mile Conversion Chart

Activity Actual Miles/Minutes Recorded Miles
Core Exercises (Sit-ups, Push-ups, Crunches, etc) 13 minutes-as many as possible 1 mile
Deep Squats 13 minutes-as many as possible 1 mile
Weight Lifting 25 repetitions 1 mile
Cross Fit 25 repetitions 1 mile
Yoga/Stretching 25 minutes 1 mile
Walking, casual/stroll (2-3 mph) 30 minutes 1 mile
Walking typical pace (3 mph) 30 minutes 1.5 mile
Walking, brisk (4 mph/12-15 min. mile) 30 minutes 2 miles
Jogging, Running (5.5 mph) 30 minutes 3 miles
Cycling/Mountain Biking (13 mph) 7 miles 1 mile
Spinning 30 minutes 2 miles
Aerobics/Zumba (moderate intensity) 25 minutes 1 mile
Stairmaster/Elliptical (moderate intensity) 25 minutes 1 mile
Rollerblading 3 miles 1 mile
Swimming (laps-30 yards per minute) 30 minutes 1 mile
Dancing (moderate to rapid) 20 minutes 1 mile
Team Sports 25 minutes 1 mile
Gardening (planting, raking, weeding, etc.) 30 minutes 2.5 miles
Yard Work (push mowing, digging etc.) 30 minutes 2.25 miles
Gym workout 25 minutes 1 mile
Climbing Stairs 15 minutes 1 mile
Spring Cleaning (or heavy house work) 25 minutes 1 mile