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Childcare Choice – Student

Easing the cost of childcare

Through the Childcare Choice program, the University of Arizona offers subsidies for qualified childcare expenses. The information below is for students. If you are an employee, click here instead.

Program Update:

Application materials for the 2019–2020 program are now available.

2019–2020 new program features:

  • Application materials are available as of July 1, a full month in advance of enrollment. This provides you more time to complete materials and get signatures.
  • Enrollment will open on August 1 (one month later than it has in the past).

Childcare Choice-Student Overview

Childcare Choice-Student helps UA students defray costs of coursework-related childcare occurring in Arizona. Students can receive a subsidy through their applicable student accounts for childcare expenses already incurred.​

To be eligible:

  • You must be a current UA undergraduate or graduate/professional student
  • The childcare you claim must have occurred in Arizona
  • The childcare you claim must be coursework related (i.e. Needed to allow you to attend class or complete coursework)
  • You must enroll each program year

Other details:

Childcare Choice has a limited funding pool. As a result, funding assistance for the entire fiscal year cannot be guaranteed and available program slots are prioritized based on application date. Funds are available up to a maximum of $2,000 annually (July 1 – June 30 fiscal year calendar) per household.

Tax considerations and implications, such as possible eligibility for a tax credit, if program participation exposes you to tax liabilities, or how participation would affect your use of other dependent care offerings, are best discussed with a professional tax advisor.

Additional UA Childcare Resources


Life and Work Connections offers assistance with childcare resources and referrals. Request a consultation by email or by call (520) 621-1530.

Sick and Back-Up Childcare (SBUCP)

SBUCP provides access to temporary caregiver services at a significantly reduced cost. Learn more here.

Family Resource Map

This interactive and mobile-friendly Family Resource Map of the campus helps you find lactation spaces, diaper-changing stations (in male and female restrooms), family restrooms, and highchairs.

Graduate College Family Friendly Resources

The Graduate and Professional Student Council offer additional program funding. Graduate Assistants and Associates, visit here and scroll to the “Child Care Subsidies and Family Friendly Information” header.


“…after the childcare consultation at your office, I am so happy to tell you my two children are now going to a good place and I feel very comfortable there. I learned about the student Subsidy Program from you. The appointment and Subsidy award continue to support me in my degree program. Thank you for your help!”
-Claudia, UofA student