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UofA Childcare Choice-Employee FAQs


I am enrolled in the employee UofA Childcare Choice program, but have switched providers. Is there anything I need to do?

Once the new selection has been identified as a qualifying childcare provider, please fill out an Enrollment Verification Form and email to

Program Forms and Materials are made available July 1, but the application does not open until August 1. This provides you time to complete materials and get signatures.

How do I know if I have reached my maximum reimbursement?

Participants will receive an email indicating the maximum, program reimbursement amount has been reached.   

I was accepted into the program in the middle of a program quarter. How far back can I claim qualifying care?

Applicants approved mid-fiscal year have a one-time opportunity to claim any qualifying childcare expenses from the beginning of the quarter in which they were waitlisted. This claim has to be submitted before the deadline of the after approval first paycheck. Please refer to the Reimbursement Calendar to learn about submittal deadlines.

How do we add a second child to the program?

An Enrollment Verification Form is needed for each additional child added into the program. Email the completed, Enrollment Verification Form to for processing. 

My baby will be born in 3 months, can I sign-up early?

A child’s birthdate and Enrollment Verification Form are both needed to apply for this program.

Does the reimbursement amount change with additional children?

UofA Childcare Choice reimbursements are given per household. Reimbursements do not vary based on the number of children within the household.