Employee wellness resources are available in multiple languages

May 1, 2024
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The University of Arizona is a diverse institution with students and staff from all over the world. As a result, many speak English as a second language. To ensure accessibility and inclusiveness, the University provides some benefits and support resources in multiple languages. 

This is particularly important for non-native English speakers as it allows them to learn and get support in their mother tongue and communicate more comfortably with others. 


Josephine Corder, director of Life & Work Connections

"We are always exploring how we can make benefits and support resources more accessible," says Josephine Corder, director of Life & Work Connections, which support the well-being of employees. "Offering resources in multiple languages is one step toward  increasing accessibility."

Some of the resources available in other languages are listed below.

Employee Assistance Counseling

ComPsych offers services in multiple languages, from the initial call to the delivery of counseling services. ComPsych's multilingual staff will ask the caller to confirm their language of choice when calling for a referral or provide a translator if one isn't available. They would then refer the employee to a network counselor who provides services in the needed language. This support is also offered to callers seeking ComPsych's financial, legal, and relocation support. Counseling is available nationwide to benefits-eligible employees and their households. Additionally, ComPsych's website is translated into Spanish, along with many of their articles. To view the site in Spanish, go to the upper right-hand corner and click on the American flag, and choose USA Español. Here are examples of content offered in Spanish (you must create an account and sign in to view the stories):

On-Demand self-care content

CredibleMind is a free, one-stop-shop digital platform that provides mental health self-care content. It's available to benefits-eligible employees and their households 24/7. The CredibleMind website can be viewed in Spanish by going to the upper left corner and using the drop-down menu to choose Español. While content offered by CredibleMind is available in Spanish (example: 8 formas de mejorar el sueño de forma natural), most of the content from third-party sites is only in English.

Personal and professional development

LinkedIn Learning offers video and audio courses in 13 languages: German, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, simplified Chinese and English. Research has shown that learning new information in your native language can help you gain a more profound understanding of the material. 

Benefits-eligible employees can get started by activating their LinkedIn Learning account EDGE Learning, the University's learning management system. Once logged in, users can changes their language selection on the LinkedIn website or mobile app so that they can see the content offered in another language. For example, changing your profile to Spanish would show more than 2,000 courses; even associated exercise files to help you practice, certificates and coding practice challenges are available in Spanish. Subtitles in more than 20 languages are available for LinkedIn Learning videos. Visit how to update your language preference or how to turn on captions.

HIP Program and Virgin Pulse

The Health Impact Program helps employees make small, everyday changes to experience better health. The program is hosted by the Virgin Pulse website and app and can be viewed in more than 20 languages. Video content such as the media library and the stress management/yoga videos are in English, but users can select a preferred language to enable closed captioning. The Virgin Pulse webpage details how to change the language on the website and app.

Child care and backup care resources

Life & Work Connections offers Spanish translations of the program guidelines for the Childcare Choice – Employee and the Back-up Care programs, instructions on applying to and sending cost forms for Childcare Choice, and a Back-Up Care overview and FAQ.

Financial resources

Implementing smart financial strategies such as budgeting, saving and planning for retirement can help with current and future financial needs. Optional Retirement Plan vendors provide Spanish-language content. TIAA offers Spanish-language webinars, and Fidelity Investments hosts a Spanish-language website

CAPTRUST is a retirement plan advisory firm that provides investment advice. Its personalized Retirement Blueprint can be a valuable tool for helping employees plan for and navigate their retirement benefits and other financial priorities (e.g., budgeting, debt, credit, college savings). CAPTRUST also has a Spanish-language website.

This article was also published on May 1, 2024 in Lo Que Pasa